Monday, May 13, 2013

Cupcake Decorating Ideas for Girls

When you're planning cupcake decorations, choose a theme popular with the age group of the girls who will be enjoying the cupcakes. If the girls are old enough to spread frosting and arrange toppings, you can set out all the supplies so they can make their own cupcakes. Otherwise, create a specific type of cupcake beforehand and display them during the party. Add this to my Recipe Box.


If the girls are into flowers, decorate cupcakes with flowers. The simplest approach is to place a silk flower on top of each cupcake. For an edible topper, make flower-shaped sugar cookies, decorate them with colored icing, and place one on each cupcake. Make a flower directly on a cupcake by putting colored icing in a pastry bag with a leaf tip and creating petals radiating out from the center of the cupcake. Place a round candy, such as a nonpareil, in the middle to make the center of the flower.


Choose an animal that is popular with girls of that age and decorate cupcakes to look like that animal. Make cat cupcakes with fondant triangles for the ears, black candies as the eyes and nose, miniature marshmallows as the cheeks and black licorice whips as the whiskers. For ladybug cupcakes, use red frosting and small black candies as the dots. Place a round chocolate-dipped cookie on one end as the head and draw facial features with white icing.


Young girls often enjoy dressing up as princesses, so create princess cupcakes to serve at a themed party. One idea is to make cupcakes that look like crowns. Frost the cupcake with yellow icing and create strips of yellow fondant cut into the points of a crown to go around the circumference of each cupcake. Use dabs of icing to attach small candies that look like jewels to the tips of the crown and the center of the cupcake. Another method is to use peach-colored icing on the cupcake and brown and pink icing to add facial features of a princess. Stick small candies around the top of the cupcake to look like a crown on the princess.


Use the color pink, or another color if the birthday girl has a favorite, as the theme for cupcake decorations. Frost the cupcakes with pink icing made by mixing red food coloring into white icing. Top them with dark pink sprinkles, edible glitter and pink candies. If girls will be decorating their own cupcakes, provide pink frosting in a few shades and white frosting in pastry bags so girls can pipe decorative accents onto their cupcakes.

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