Sunday, May 19, 2013

How to Make Cupcakes That Look Like Dogs

Cupcakes can be decorated in a variety of designs, from animals to flowers. A cupcake is easy to hold and serve, regardless of the guests' ages. If your little one wants a dog-themed birthday party, creating a cupcake that looks like a puppy is not as daunting as you might think. You can make the cupcakes ahead of the party and decorate the cupcakes the night before. The party will be less chaotic as a result --- without the worry of a sharp knife and curious fingers. Add this to my Recipe Box.

Spread a generous amount chocolate icing over the top of the cupcake using a knife. Apply the icing as close to the paper lining as possible. Insert one miniature marshmallow into the chocolate icing, slightly lower than the center of the cupcake; this will serve as the dog's nose. Add the other two miniature marshmallows to the chocolate icing, below the marshmallow nose --- the other two marshmallows will serve as the dog's mouth --- to create a triangle. Cover the marshmallows in a generous layer of chocolate icing.

Cut a miniature marshmallow in half length-wise, creating two circles. The two marshmallows will serve as the dog's eyes. Add the halved miniature marshmallows to the cupcake, above the nose. Use chocolate icing to pipe two small dots to the whites of the eyes to create pupils. Alternatively, you can use two small candies on the marshmallows to create the pupils. Secure the candies in place using a small amount of icing.

Add a brown candy-coated chocolate to the "nose" of the dog (the top of the triangle covered in chocolate frosting.) Break the chocolate wafer cookie in half, creating two similar shaped "ears." Add the ears to the outer edge of the cupcake, one cookie on either side of the eyes. Apply a pink candy-coated chocolate below the dog's mouth to create a tongue. Alternatively, you can pipe red frosting or use a pink candy chew instead.


- To create a white dog, use white icing. Pipe around the dog's eyes in a darker color or else the eyes won't show be visible.

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